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When is it time to hire a property management company?

System - Monday, November 7, 2016

So, you have been managing your properties for some time now, but you want to know when is it a good time to have someone else handle it for you.

This is a great question as everyone’s threshold will vary. Historically, we have seen that most individual investors will try to manage their properties until about three properties. This is the point when it starts to consume more time than what they are willing to spend. This is especially true if the investor still holds a full/part time job. It is at this point when an investor should be focusing on acquiring more properties and working on expanding their portfolio. The time necessary to research the areas and the properties, should be a priority as most good investments are determined at the time of purchase.

As an investor, having to chase your rental payments, seeking out vendors to repair your property, dealing with 24 hour emergencies and having to keep up the books, should not be where your time is spent. Allow us to handle the management while you focus on purchasing more great investment to improve your real estate portfolio. Additionally, if you need assistance in finding new properties and with the purchasing, ELDA Management Services is a full Brokerage (Camhi Realty Group), to meet your needs.