About Us

ELDA Management Services, Inc. (ELDA) was established in January of 2004. As real estate investors, we found a need to form and honest, high quality property Management Company to serve others as we would like to be served. Our mission is to provide the care free, high end customer service in residential property management. ELDA manages properties in the Houston, Katy, Humble, Pearland, Spring, Clear Lake, Cypress, Richmond, Rosenberg, and Sugar Land for small and large investors.

One of the major components of property management, is the efficient management of repairs and work orders. ELDA operates with a network of service providers to obtain the best possible services at low, competitive prices. All decisions are made by keeping our investors’ needs in the forefront while working to maximize profits.

In addition to excellent customer service, ELDA takes advantage of modern technology to enhance communication with Owners and Residents. Information on each property is available to Owners 24 hours per day, 7 days per week by accessing their state of the art Owner Portal, which is updated real time. Within the portal, there is an array of reports that can be run as well as details on receive income, expenses and work order progress.

We know that home is where the heart is, and an important investment for both owners and residents. That’s why we strive to provide property management services and real estate brokerage options that fit your needs and takes the stress out of renting a residential property.

Thank you and we look forward to working with you!
ELDA Management Services, Inc.

Meet the Team

Elias Camhi » Broker Owner
Picture of Elias Camhi

Hello, my name is Elias Camhi, I am the President/Broker of ELDA Management Services.  I want to tell you a little bit about myself and how ELDA grew to become such an amazing company.

When I first moved to Houston from El Paso in 1992, I thought I hit the jackpot.  I saw a city that was full of excitement and more importantly, there were trees.  It was a city with potential to do anything and everything I wanted. 

I didn’t start in Property Management, but, in the IT world.  Worked for various companies from small to large, including Compaq and later HP.  I have done everything from testing equipment to writing programs that were utilized worldwide within HP. 

During that time, I decided to start investing in real estate, thanks to the outstanding books written by Robert Kiyosaki.  Soon we had a few properties, while our family and friends started doing the same and asking us to take care of theirs as well.  

After the HP merger with Compaq, job loss and migration of jobs to China & India  from one of the most beautiful campuses in Houston was beginning to take shape.  I managed to continue working because of the programs I had written required constant maintenance.  Needless to say, it would be a matter of time before I would be susceptible to losing my job.  So, I completed my Masters degree in business, while working and supporting my family. 

Shortly thereafter, I wrote the business plan to form a high tech property management company.  In January 2004, I launched ELDA Management Services.  I took a leap of faith and left HP to spend my full time growing ELDA.  We were the first company to have developed an interactive website where our owners would have access to their information right from the web.  We quickly grew from 1 property to 400+ properties.

We have always prided ourselves with providing phenomenal customer service to all of our clients and our tenants.  Today, we continue to implement technology into everything we do.  This helps us internally to be more efficient in managing your property, communicating with you and all of our tenants as well as efficiencies in expediting work orders and repairs.   We provide our tenants with their own portal, where they can login and see their balances, late fees and make payments against that.  They also have the capabilities of opening work orders right from their desktop.

As members of the National Association of Residential Property Managers with an RMP designation, I place myself in the top 10% of all property managers in the Nation.  And by partaking in the Texas Association of Realtors Property Management Committee, we not only learn from other property managers, but more importantly, we help shape the direction of property management through legislation and education to future property managers and leasing agents.

Stephanie Castillo » Customer Relations and Collections
Picture of Stephanie Castillo

Born and raised in the Rio Grande Valley. Passionate about the big city, along with encouragement from family and friends, the move to Houston Texas was a great fit. She genuinely gives the feeling of importance to each individual she speaks to. No matter how significant an issue may be, she will always stay positive and find a solution. On the other hand Stephanie is a well rounded individual who loves positive energy, helping others and believes that a smile is contagious. She lives to be silly and laugh, and enjoys all jokes good and bad. She is always excited to try new types of food, some she loves, and some she’s just thankful for the experience. She absolutely loves driving on the open road. She has a very diverse taste in music and although others may not enjoy hearing it, she loves to sing at the top of her lungs. She is also terrified of riding a bike due to an accident she had with a dumpster that suddenly got in her way while riding down a hill at the age of 7. She swears it wasn’t there before. Stephanie is also very passionate about her family and her dog Maxx. On her free time you can always find her pulling pranks on her family members. No one is exempt from this including Maxx or her nieces and nephew who are all under the age of 8. After pulling pranks she loves to bake treats for everyone involved in order to call a truce. You can also find her secretly binge watching Netflix when its time to fold the laundry.

Juan Pivaral » Maintenance Coordinator
Picture of Juan Pivaral

I was born in Guatemala City, I graduated from university as a business administrator. Among my qualities are analytic, responsible, disciplined, and friendly. I am used to working under pressure and goal oriented. I am passionate about nature. I really enjoy long walks in the woods and eating on a picnic. I am a dog lover; my family and I have dedicated ourselves to rescuing homeless dogs for several years now. It is very exciting and fulfilling for me to see how they recover and go to a home where they can receive the love and care they deserve.

Support Cast

Kali » Security Officer (are you talking to me?)
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Mia » Senior Leader
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TC » Entertainment Committee
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Killer » Development Intern
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Maxx » Collections Department
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Onyx » Hyper Sales Division
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Daisy » Greeting and Welcoming Committee
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