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Safety While Grilling

System - Wednesday, September 23, 2015

With the heat of summer still in the air and cooler night on the way, it’s the perfect time for outdoor grilling. Cooking steaks, burgers, hot dogs, and other treats is a great activity with friends, but observing due caution is important to avoid unfortunate incidents.

Grilling is responsible for over 8,000 mishaps each year and causes about $37 million dollars in property damage. It only takes a brief moment for a grill to cause a fire, particularly in enclosed areas such as patios and terraces. Whether you’re using charcoal or gas, there are ways that you can make your grilling safer and prevent costly accidents. Place the Grill Carefully When setting up your grill, be sure to stay away from structures, and never grill indoors. Keep at least 10 feet away from areas such as railings, house siding, eaves, porches, sheds, and other combustible places. Keep an Eye on the Grill It only takes a handful of seconds for a grill to turn into a serious hazard. Always have at least one person tending to the grill, so that issues can be dealt with immediately. Maintain Your Grill Clean away grease, fat buildup and other debris each time you use the grill. Be sure to also clean out drip trays. If you use a gas grill, regularly check for leaks. Inspect the connection points from the propane tank hose to the regulator, cylinder, and burners. You can pinpoint leaks on the hose itself by coating it with a soap and water solution, which will cause bubbles near any leak. Use Lighter Fluid Carefully Lighter fluid can quickly cause a fire if not handled with care. Never add fluid to an already lit fire, and always keep the lid open when lighting a gas grill. Remove Coals Properly When disposing of hot coals, completely douse them with water. Do not ever place coals in paper, plastic, or wooden containers. Metal containers are the safest method of storing or moving them. Be Prepared for an Emergency Keep fire suppression items on hand, such as a spray bottle of water or a fire extinguisher. Ensure that the whole family knows to stop, drop and roll in the case of clothing catching fire and how to evacuate the home in case of fire. Simply preparing for an incident can prevent a minor mishap from turning into an unthinkable tragedy. With a healthy amount of caution, you can keep a fun activity from causing injuries or severe damage to property. Safe grilling is the best way to keep your family and property safe.