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Day 2 Update

System - Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Hope you are doing well.

As of today, we have identified approximately six properties that took on significant water and we are working diligently to get into those and begin the claim processes as well as relocating the tenants as necessary. Additionally, there have been numerous properties that were identified with roof leaks and roof issues, which have caused some interior ceiling damage and potentially some minor water entry. In all or most of these situations, we have communicated with each of you with the reported information and images.

At this time, we are requesting that if you were contacted on many of these issues, that you begin to file a claim under the appropriate policy (flood, wind/hail, ...). We will be glad to assist in coordination, but we do need for you to start the process directly with your insurance carrier. We feel that it is better for the adjuster to determine the damage levels and what is covered by your individual policies and what is not. Once we have the adjuster make their assessment, we can coordinate for repairs to be done accordingly to what they will be paying for, less the deductibles you may have. We will continue to reach our as we determine the issues at hand.

We have reached out to all of our tenants via email and phone calls and fortunately we have heard from a great deal of them. There are several that we still can not reach and will continue to do so, until we do have some level of communication. Please continue to bare with us as it is not an easy task, especially since there are still current evacuations taking place due to water rising from the draining of the dams and from rivers catching downward flow from other areas not related to Houston.

On another note, I wanted to provide some links to help clarify the Insurance changes taking affect on September 1, 2017. After further research, these changes should not affect anything of what we are doing currently and filing any of your claims. The changes only affect penalties against insurance carriers should a lawsuit be filed against them and won. Please see these postings clarifying the law changes:


Also, please see this video:


Again, we continue to work diligently in addressing the issues and we will continue to communicate as we get more information. Currently, please email us if you have questions as we can respond as get more details out to you as we get more information. Our phone lines are extremely busy trying to reach tenants, vendors and communicating current issues. Thank you